Peer to Peer lending in the news – do you have a hook?

There’s been quite a bit of news this week around Peer to Peer funding and the most recent success stories. In case you missed it, a property developer has raised something over £4m for a project in Croydon – you can read more here.

Peer to peer funding or crowd funding are a real change from the traditional financing models, but they may not be appropriate for your business financing needs.

The fundamental change is that in P2P or Crowd funding, it is a many to one relationship and your project is competing with many others to be visible and to attract investors.

If your project is something that is easily understood, or has name recognition, or is quirky enough, then you may be able to get funding through the peer to peer route.

If that’s not the case, getting funding through the traditional routes may be more appropriate.

Think how you could market your project or business to investors; is there a “hook” you could use?


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