Stick to your kinitting

Stick to your knitting

That’s an old saying that my parents would have used – and perhaps their parents too!

In today’s world the one eyed man is no longer king – to borrow another phrase from the past – the specialist is the king.

My speaker colleagues from the US talk about Niches (rhymes with itches) to Riches.

Successful businesses focus on the one thing that they are really good at. That’s the area where they can compete and outdo everyone else.

Less successful businesses offer a range of services, where some of them are not as good as others.

Sometimes, they would be better off saying “No, we don’t do that but we know someone really good who can help you”

In practice I prefer to say “Yes but” in preference to No. Starting with a yes is much more likely to get a positive response than a no!

This isn’t just about delivery it is also about marketing your goods and / or services. Successful marketing campaigns are laser focused on the customer and the benefit that customer will receive.

In the speaking world great speakers are really clear on who the audience is and the take-away the speaker is going to provide.

What is it that you do? What’s the great benefit you give your customer? Put in into one sentence.

Now test that assertion by substituting your competitor’s name. If the sentence is still true, you haven’t found your unique selling proposition.

If you can’t find it, ask your customers. You might be surprised. When you have your USP put it at the heart of everything you do.


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