Cooperate and win

On a bus journey, a delivery van had blocked the road and the bus driver pulled up behind the van and made use of the horn. When he didn’t get a satisfactory result, he left the cab to remonstrate with the delivery driver – and was promptly followed by 3 or 4 bus passengers eager for either the distraction or a piece of the action!

The van driver moved his vehicle and the bus journey continued.

How much time and energy did the bus driver, the van driver and the 4 passengers expend in shouting at each other?

Have you got a van driver in your business – someone who gets in the way and delays everyone else?

Wouldn’t life be easier if they didn’t do that?

Do they know they are doing it? Why are they doing it? Have you explained the consequences, and tried to help them, or are you taking a detour and avoiding the problem?

Cooperation is always better than conflict


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