Don’t get deal fever next year – get real

In 2014 there will be a number of business owners who want to exit. Many of them would have liked to retire five or six years ago, but could not do so in the middle of the credit crunch.

There’s an opportunity for the smart business to take a step change in growth, but it is not one to be taken lightly.

Making a successful acquisition could transform your business; making the wrong acquisition, or failing to integrate it, could destroy your business.

Start with the plan.

Work out what kind of business you want to buy:

Is it a business with products you can sell to your customers?

Or customers who will buy your products?

Or is it providing a service that you need?

Then work out what you want to do with it:

Treat it as a stand-alone business?

Move everything under one roof?

Somewhere between the two?

When you’ve done that, then you can look and see what is out there.

Don’t get deal fever, get real.

“Marry in haste, repent at leisure” is the old saying. You might update to “Buy in haste, repent at leisure”

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